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Before we became a Federal Firearms Licensee we were enthusiasts just like you.

Over a year ago, we had the opportunity to test-fire the Steyr A1 pistol 9mm.  Never expected it to be so resilient and accurate in the hands of a non-expert.  Everything looks good on videos by expert shooters, but in reality you need a lot of practice just to become proficient with any firearm.  To our surprise, that was not the case with the Steyr A1 Pistol.  Looking at the history of the company, we noticed that Steyr has been around since 1864.  Their main customers are Armed Forces and Police around the world.  Styer firearms have been battle-tested and as of today, still the firearms of choice for many countries defense and law enforcement.

One of the most reliable rifles of today is the Steyr AUG (Universal Army Rifle), runs almost dry and minimum maintenance.  Talking to the Steyr Academy Director, Eduardo Abril de Foncuberta, we found out that in one of his recent trips to a Special Forces group, that has been using the AUG for over 30 years, and no one has ever cleaned the AUG beyond the barrel.  Incredible right? To understand how that is possible, we became owners and certified armorers for the Steyr AUG and Pistol.

As a matter of fact, you can watch many videos firing the AUG with more than 10,000 rds without any cleaning or stoppage.  Yes, there is a military, law enforcement version and a civilian version (Semi-Auto). Both versions are identical except for the full auto trigger pack and buffers.

The Steyr Company on 2019 ShotShow announced the Elite program that will allow users to receive a limited lifetime warranty and free training classes with the purchase of any of the tactical, sport and hunting rifles ($1250 or more).

In addition, the Concierge Service with an inside look at their products offering and their services.

Going back to the Steyr Pistol history, is known to be the first polymer modular pistol on the market.  It's been call the grandfather of the Glock and Sig P320.  The above "Torture Test Video" exceeds all NATO and Goverments standards.  Imagine having access to purchase and to carry this pistol for self-defense.   

The A2, new version, includes small, medium and large back and side grips to accommodate all hands sizes, in addition to two loaded chamber indicators (visual and touch), a serialize trigger pack, larger beavertail, and magwell.  The nice thing about it is that parts are interchangeable with the A1 pistol.

If you have any questions, comments, pictures and or videos, feel free to send us an email.

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